Author: Ann

Straddling the worlds of production management and creative ideation, Ann was a multi-hyphenate before it was cool. Trained in theater from a young age, Ann leveraged her instinct for creative details and logistical know-how to work on award-winning digital marketing campaigns for major entertainment studios like Sony Pictures, Fox Searchlight, and Paramount. After a decade on the studio lot, Ann founded her own agency, LODESTAR, before shifting her focus toward the Tech and Clinical Research areas. As Director of Creative Operations at Science 37, she built a full-service, in-house Media and Marketing department for a rapidly-growing, telemedicine startup. Ann is a SoCal native who enjoys cooking, fiber arts, and DIY - all with a focus on sustainability and environmental consciousness (avocado pit fabric dye, anyone?). She flexes this creativity through her line of cards and gift wrapping - Knot and Crease. In her spare time, Ann is also a nano-influencer for one of Nintendo’s most popular video game franchises.