Ann is an exceptional Project Manager with gifted copywriting skills. She was the senior lead who directly reported to me as a CMO in a SaaS company. She helped manage all aspects of our Media & Marketing department of 25 people (in office and overseas). It is rare to find a high level PM who can understand both the tech product and creative aspects of projects — she excelled at both. She is self-generative, pristine and gives great input. Everyone in our department absolutely loved her. I do not hesitate to say she is the best PM I have ever worked with.

Audrey Cavenecia
Chief Executive Officer at All Ageless

Ann is the iron fist in the velvet glove. She maintains a supremely calm demeanor and a firm authority over all aspects of her projects. Ann possesses a deep knowledge of all things digital and is a master of efficiency, quality, and excellence. She is an experienced and confident leader/manager with a fantastic work ethic.

Micaela Coria
Program Manager – Dell Technologies

Ann is a client’s dream because she breaks the triple constraint in their favor. Her attention to detail and ability to understand the project needs quickly eliminates time-costing back-and-forth communication to get it right. She knows that a project that goes through her has her name on it, so she makes sure the quality always meets her high demands. And she knows how to get the production staff motivated and focused. She got more effort from technical and design resources than many other managers with her enthusiasm and communication skills, which in turn keeps hours lower. So, while other project managers force a client to pick just two from quality, time and budget, Ann gives them all three.

Tim Brady
Senior Director Delivery Management at

Ann is a brilliant producer with a great personality. She is very sharp, organized, technical and calm. Her extensive experience in project management allows her to foresee problems that may lie ahead and always bring them up way before they become real problems.

Dice Kusaba
CTO / Co-Founder at 8 Dotz

Ann Nguyen is a digital production master. I had the privilege of working with her at Sony Pictures Interactive on the largest syndicated television title, Wheel of Fortune, for 3+ years. We worked very closely together and executed over 40+ custom microsites, interactive online games, social media experiences, daily production updates, and weekly scheduling for, which was most heavily trafficked website garnering over 1,000,000+ average weekly page views.

Amber Galvin
Experienced Entertainment Marketing & Media Professional